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In the blessed land of Ancient Olympia, where history merges with the legends of the gods, olive trees flourish and offer us their sacred fruit.

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Since 1970


We are a family business that was established in 1989 by Georgios Spiliopoulos.

We, the children, Ernestos and Alkiviadis, along with our families, continue with love and vision, having developed the business, respecting the environment and the characteristics of the historic site of Ancient Olympia.

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In Ancient Olympia, the olive gains its unique flavor and quality that characterizes the high-quality organic olive oil, which retains all its nutrients and antioxidant properties. Its transparent color with golden highlights reflecting the sun’s radiance possesses high nutritional value and taste quality.

Every drop, every aromatic note, tells a story of this glorious region while offering an unprecedented and authentic taste experience.

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We invite you to discover the natural harmony through our products, as a hymn to Greek nature.

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Organic Olives

Discover the Authentic Taste of Greece with Our Premium Table Olives – A Natural Delight from the Heart of Ancient Olympia

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Herbs of the Greek land

The secret of health and beauty lies well hidden in these herbs. In our store, you will find a wide variety in herbs for many different uses.

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Organic Honey

Savor the Pure Essence of Greek Nature with Our Exquisite Honey – A Golden Nectar from the Blossoms of Ancient Olympia.

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Handmade Soaps

The secrets of beauty from the use of handmade soaps made with plant ingredients.

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All our products, which we first test and use ourselves, are of high quality, high standards, and strengthen the body while respecting the functions of nature.

Greece has a unique microclimate, and for this reason, our products combine excellent nutritional value with very good sensory properties (aroma, taste, aftertaste).

Our ultimate goal is to offer an alternative and healthier form of nutrition, but also a holistic perception of our lives, so as to convey optimism and a harmonious coexistence with our environment.”

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